Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Digg's New Recommendation Engine

I was just screwing around with Digg's recommendation engine, and I like it!

It seems an obvious nod to the functionality of Reddit, and it's a much welcome chance to see what your friends are digging without clicking on the general tab for all their submissions, then clicking on the titles to get to particular Digg entries, then clicking on the titles again to get to the actual stories.

Now all you have to do is click on the engine page and then click on the titles and -- boom -- you're sent to the story in a pop-up window, which is how I like to roll, since I don't have to hit the "back" button to return and show my approval.

Plus, if I'm understanding the system correctly, it's also straight-up 2.0 in that your previous behavior will affect what stories show up.

Attaboy, Digg. Good job.


Jeremy said...

congratulations on the front page, are you gonna make something of this blog...I would if I was you...if you want some ideas lemme know...my digg name is Notyavgkat....later

Anonymous said...

Great that you made it to the front page, however your blog about the awesome new system sucks..

Anonymous said...

Oh come on. There are blogs out there that look like crap compared to this. Grats on the frontpage.

doswheeler said...

No doubt about it, lots of crap abound.


Anonymous said...

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